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Who is Biankha?

Biankha is a multi- faceted young girl of black/ african heritage. Her name derives from the word ‘ankh’ which originates from Egypt (ancient Kemet – land of black faces) and represents ‘eternal life’. Biankha is a strong believer of taking life by both hands and making the most out of it.

Biankha is in tune to her African heritage, especially her ancient ancestors who originated from ancient Kemet (Egypt). She respects her history and her many ancestors who once ruled as royalty in these ancient lands. Biankha is also very driven and motivated to achieve her highest potential in life. She is also very proud of her natural assets such as her curly hair and abundance of melanin which she recognises as part of her beauty.

Biankha is an advocate for black history, science, entrepeneurship, natural black beauty, black love and spirituality. She hopes to spread all of these things through her dolls and animation.